What’s KUIW?

The KUIW webcast originates from the Communication Arts Department of the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas. The Internet radio station is run by students enrolled in Radio Practicum and by volunteers from UIW. All aspects of the radio business are addressed in the course, including management, engineering, advertising, promotions, production, on-air talent, and Web design.

KUIW has received initial funding via a grant; however, KUIW must support itself 100% before the end of five years. We are actively seeking underwriters, either through donations or paid advertising.

KUIW is dedicated to Webcasting programs that promote the UIW mission as outlined in UIW’s Mission Statement. We are an open-format music station that not only broadcasts to the UIW and San Antonio communities, but we are able to broadcast to our sister schools that are located all over the world. Listeners can tune in 24/7 on the website or on the RadioFX app.

To find out more about the Incarnate Word Communication Arts Department

Please visit: UIW Communication Arts

Mission Statement

KUIW represents students involved in radio, television, webcasting, music and other related media ventures; KUIW ensures a commitment to education and the student pursuit of excellence through active involvement in electronic media; promotes cooperative efforts between KUIW and other national, regional, and state media organizations; facilitates the discussion of issues related to student-operated electronic media; and other community oriented programs.

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